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The Case for Sobriety: A Fight against Drug & Substance Abuse

A Comprehensive & Informative Resource for Teens and Families. 

Understanding the Social Issues of the Elderly

Learning More about the Struggles and Needs of the Senior Population in Our Communities. 

Embracing Adolescence: Taking a Trip Down Teenagerhood

Understanding the Pressures and Challenges of Being a Teen

The Intersection of Crimes Against the Flesh

Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Prostitution and More

“Hands Up. Don’t Shoot!”

A Comprehensive yet Concise Guide on Police Compliance and safe interactions in bad situations. 

Mother Earth and the Growing Risk of Catastrophe

Coping With and Bracing for Natural Disasters

Internet Crimes Against Children

We have other exciting publications we will share with you soon. 

Active Shooter Situations, Preparedness, and Training in Schools and Businesses. Our Law Enforcement consultants can help.

Child Safety 

We have other exciting publications we will share with you soon. 


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