Professional, relevant, and timely training and consulting is vital to public safety organizations to meet community expectations in today’s challenging times. Safety Publications™ is committed to assisting in these areas of need. While our primary mission is to provide you, the highest quality educational materials needed to serve your community, we understand the needs don’t stop there.


Our professional and broad-based training options, insightful and experienced assessment and consulting, are designed with public safety and community success in mind. Each of these areas is designed as an added value to the quality educational material we strive to provide.


Our organizational and strategic partnerships include many years of dedicated public safety leadership, experience, and expertise covering all aspects from the front lines to the most senior executives.


Law Enforcement Training

Our professional staff has years of training, experience, and subject matter expertise in many areas of public safety.


Our goal is to provide the knowledge, and the practical application skills related to the educational information our publications provide. We pride ourselves on giving you the total package.


Our program is still growing and adding content continuously, the current areas offered cover: Criminal Investigations, Statement Analysis, Field Training (Police, Emergency Communications, Corrections, Fire, and EMS), and Background Investigations.


Organizational Assessments

Many organizations spend years rehashing the same model while expecting different results in a futile effort. Fundamentally, organizations have to develop a culture of continuous change and openness to new ideas and methods or face stagnation and failure.

Our team specializes in providing an external perspective that will aid your organization in seeing the blind spots, areas of potential change and improvement, or a validation of your hard-earned success.


Leadership Training

The success or failure of organizations is often tied or the direct result of leadership shortcomings.


Our focus is providing the fundamentals to success for first-line supervisors to the executive staff and leadership of the organization. 


Our publications and training are supported by professional staff with years of successful public safety leadership, and a passion for helping others achieve organizational goals. 

Our commitment to providing your agency with the greatest resources and tools available doesn't stop with Publications.


Safety Publications™ is proud to announce the acquisition of Force Liability Management Software from KEE Public Safety Solutions, LLC.

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