Safety Publications© in Partnership with Richard Whitehead and Associates LLC© is proud to offer training and consultative services to our clients. Richard Whitehead & Associates has be providing Leadership, Consulting, and Training services to the Public Safety Community with Uncompromising Pride and Integrity since 1995.


With over 33-years in public safety, Richard works with agencies of all sizes across the nation and internationally.

​​Richard is recognized nationally as 1-of-3 Field Training Programs in law enforcement. The Whitehead Office in Training (OIT) model is the “Common Sense” alternative to San Jose and Reno models. It is easily adaptable and implementable to specific agency needs. Serving ALL public safety disciplines and levels to include Patrol, Communications, Corrections, and Fire/EMS.


​Recognizing the need for specialized programs, Richard has developed Field Training Programs for New Supervisors, Returning Military Veterans (VIPs), and off-line units such as SWAT. Additionally, our newer generation finds it very beneficial and informative.

Whitehead Field Training Program Development / Conversion to the Common Sense Model

The WFTP was conceived in 1992, initially for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, and has since been implemented by agencies across the country since. With ease of customization and implementation,  we enjoy users from all public safety sectors: Police, Communications, Corrections, as well as Fire/EMS. Our model was nick named the “Common Sense” model by its users.

Investigative Consultation & Training

Forensic Statement Analysis is the critical examination of word choice, structure, and content of a person’s statement to determine:

Truth or Deception?

Richard consults with agencies in high-profile cases in analyzing case statements and reviewing video interviews for deception.


Research by experts in the fields of language, psychology and deception detection has led to the identification of these trends in language that are referred to as "linguistic signals/cues". Using Forensic Statement Analysis (series of layered techniques) can identify linguistic cues that differentiate deceptive statements from truthful ones as your writer subconsciously reveals information they did not intend for you to know.


The course is very interactive with significant hands-on, statement analysis practice.

Leadership Training

Specifically designed to strengthen skills and overcome the challenges that inhibit confidence and responsibility in supervision.  This course uses techniques to encourage members through discussions, memorable exercises, and scenarios. Creating a new understanding, appreciation, and energy in fulfilling their role as a trustworthy and influential

Unit Assessment

We can provide an assessment, in all or in part, of:

  • ​Agency Divisions or Units

  • 911 facility

​Assessment includes: technology, operations, staffing, training, and supervision based on national best practices and a local market analysis. 

​The analysis conducted through: surveys, interviews, on-site observations, and review of written materials will be used to produce a report identifying strengths, deficiencies, and recommendations.  

​Initially, the report is delivered in draft form for review and verification of the accuracy of the data collected and analyzed to ensure there are no misunderstandings.  Following the verification process a Final Deliverable Document containing Background, Assessment, Findings, Recommendations, and Conclusions is produced.

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