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Since its inception, SAFETY Publications has provided printed resources for the officers and the communities they serve to bridge the gap between law enforcement officers and the public they serve.

Our publications are designed to be deployed in the schools K-12 families, and to your senior citizens. Your law enforcement officers also work to distribute to the at risk communities in your town or city.


Why Our Work Matters

Our Publications are developed to educate the community on a wide range of today’s critical problems. From how to recognize and cope with drug abuse to handling yourself in a safe way with police officers. 

We provide law enforcement agencies with credible publications for all ages. Our publications are written by law enforcement professionals to ensure accurate information is being taught. 

Thanks to the support of the business community and our National sponsors we provide our publications to Law Enforcement agencies without cost. 

Why we are your best option

Our Publications are developed by law enforcement and then screened by our board members until we get a group consensus on the material and the goals of the community.

Our writers and our publication vetting teams are from many backgrounds. We have members that are part of oversight boards, as well as officers. The goal of Safety Publications is to bridge the community from both sides.  

Our Non Profit team is able to bridge the gaps in funding for your department. From Grants to National Sponsors we may have a solution for you. 

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