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Involving communities to inspire change through partnerships, education, and collaboration with public safety.

While Police, Fire, and EMS Departments protect and serve the citizens of this great nation, we work to support them and your local communities. We are career professionals dedicated to providing critically important educational publications, training and awareness that can make a difference.

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Bridging the gap between communities and public safety personnel has never been more important. Safety Publications was founded to be that bridge.

Safety Publications distributes a wide range of publications produced by career professionals, along with training to support it, focusing on community relations, safety, and support as well as the public safety agencies themselves.

Safety Publications content ranges from simple to tough topics, that truly make a difference in both public safety and community. These topics serve to bridge the gaps of indifference while providing solutions to the challenges of public service and partnerships.​


Safety Publications is also a proud partner of Giving Through Safety, a non-profit company, with a new approach to fundraising and grant writing services. The mission is to assist public safety agencies in meeting their operational goals through the acquisition of identified needs via tax-deductible community donations.

You're the best at protecting us. We are the best at funding your needs.

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